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Crosses from Nails

Welcome to the website of

Crosses from Nails

Our crosses are handcrafted by Anne and Andy Bond*

*certified Disciple Cross producers


Symbolism: The three components of this cross made from nails symbolize different aspects of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The simulated leather cord represents the leather straps that were used to beat our Lord. The wrapped wire reminds us of the branches of thorns that were twisted into a crown to mock the King of Kings. The nails are symbolic of the large spikes that were used to pierce the hands and feet of our Savior. Let this cross of nails forever be a reminder to you of the great love that Jesus has for us and the suffering that Jesus endured for our salvation.  

Cross from Nails

Description: The cross that we make from nails is a modified Disciples Cross design and is constructed from horseshoe nails(regular size cross is from a Delta #3.5 racing nail which produces a cross that measures 1 3/4 in. long and 1 1/4 in. wide). It requires four nails to make the cross. Two nails are configured and wrapped with colored copper wire to form the top section and two nails are configured and wrapped to form the bottom section. These sections are then wrapped together to form the middle section of the cross. The cross is constructed by tightly wrapping the wire and requires no soddering. The cross can be composed of one, two or three colors of wire. (Please see our order form page for an explanation of how to design a customized, multi-colored cross).Then, each cross is dipped in polyurethane to help prevent the nails from discoloration. A waxed, woven cotton cord (which simulates rawhide) is inserted through the eyelets.  

Bookmarks, Keyrings, Necklaces

Product Offering

Examples of our necklaces

Necklaces: Our cross necklaces are on an adjustable "double slip knot" cord of woven cotton which is waxed in order to give the cord a similated rawhide effect. Our necklace cords are 33 inches long. The adjustable slip knots allow the necklace to be worn short like a "choker" or to be extended and worn nearer the chest.

"Crosses from Nails" Key rings

Key rings: Our key rings are constructed by weaving waxed cotton cord through the cross eyelets then through a 3/4 inch diameter spilt rings. the rings are available in either gold or silver color. Next we tightly wrap the cord with colored copper wire to complete the fabrication. 

A selection of our bookmarks

Bookmarks: Our bookmarks are made by braiding waxed cotton woven cord then weaving one end through the cross eyelets and securing the cross to the braided cord by tightly wrapping the cord with colored copper wire. The other end of the braided cord is also wrapped with colored copper wire to prevent it from unraveling.

New Products
Zipper Pull: (great for bookbags and jackets)
Rear view mirror Hanger: (Designed to fit standard inside rear view mirrors  on most cars and trucks.)

Large Cross

Large Cross Necklace: Made with a #5 horseshoe nail instead of a #3.5 as with the regular necklaces. It is 2 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.

Extra Large Cross

Extra Large Cross Necklace: For those who want an even larger cross, we now make one using a #7 horseshoe nail and measures 2 3/4 inches in length and is 2 inches wide.



Our product offerings are priced as follows:

RegularNecklaces..........................$ 7.00 each

Large Necklaces............................$10.00 each

Extra Large Necklaces...................$12.00 each  

Key Rings......................................$ 8.00 each

Zipper Pulls...................................$ 8.oo each

Bookmarks....................................$ 9.00 each

Rear View Mirror Hangers............$ 9.00 each


If you are interested in larger quantities (minimum 25), please see our Wholesale Information page for a Wholesale Price List.


Ordering Information

To place an order, please go to the “Cross Color” page and check out all of our beautiful crosses…..36 different colors to choose from.

Next, go to our “Order Form” page and pull up our order form….print it…..fill it out….attach your personal check or money order to the order form and send it to:

Crosses from Nails

135 Frances Shirey Way

Newnan, GA 30263

(Please make checks payable to

Crosses from Nails)

Or if you would prefer:

Send us an e-mail describing what you want and we will begin making the crosses prior to your order form’s arrival via “snail mail”.

We haven’t started using “Pay Pal” yet nor are we set up to accept credit cards….we may in the future…..however, this method seems to be working very well for us right now.

Our e-mail address is:




We have begun booking shows for the Fall 2014, Craft Show season. Please check out our "Upcoming Shows and Festivals" page to find a Craft Show near you that we will be attending.


May God bless each of you.....and thanks for stopping by our website.

Andy and Anne Bond

Crosses from Nails; 135 Frances Shirey Way; Newnan, GA 30263; phone: 770-841-3185;770-328-8818 e-mail: order@crossesfromnails.com

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